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Centralia, Washington


    Homestead Vintage Stove Company offers a selection of some of the finest heating and cooking appliances made in the late 1800s through the 1950s. Stoves may be purchased either fully-restored and ready to use, or in their as-found condition. Often a customer will select a stove, then have us perform whatever work suits their particular needs and budget. 
    Illustrated below are a few of the stoves presently available in our inventory. 

1920s Wedgewood Gas Range

Made in California, this stove is typical of what might be found in the average 1920s home. It is finished in black with white porcelain enamel door panels, splashers and legs. The gas valves and manifold are nickel-plated. Its features include 4 cook top burners, a manually-controlled oven and broiler, and a storage area. 41"w x 52"h. $2995.  
Quick Meal Gasoline Range Quick Meal Gasoline Range
Circa 1912, this stove has had some restoration work done in years past. Its original brass tank and lighting torches are still intact, and overall the range is in excellent condition. Spectacular as a decorator piece; actual use of the stove as a cooking appliance is not recommended due to the fuel type. 40"w x 24"d x 64"h. $950.

1930s Magic Chef Gas Range

Although not restored, this stove is in good original condition. The gas components have been serviced and it is ready to use on natural gas. Features include 4 top burners, an oven, broiler, 2 storage drawers, a light and a mechanical timer. White porcelain enamel with black detailing. 42"w x 50"h. $1200.